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 App Design Awards 2016 Gold


Outware Mobile is proud and excited to be ANZ’s development partner on Grow, an iOS app that allows ANZ customers to manage their financial portfolio in one place. Outware has been involved in Grow since the project’s inception in 2012, providing ANZ with technical leadership, iOS development, and project management services. Outware is an integrated part of the ANZ team, working together in an Agile and collaborative environment to ensure the highest standards are met in terms of quality, security, user experience and innovation. Grow cements ANZ’s position as a leader in technology innovation in the banking and finance sector.


ANZ’s vision is to create the world’s best wealth management platform with Grow. Outware’s role is to provide ANZ with a highly skilled, experienced and scalable technical team to complement ANZ’s internal capabilities. Adherence to ANZ’s high standards regarding user experience design, code quality and security are essential.


Key to the success of Grow is a process-driven approach towards software development, program planning, governance, and technical leadership. Outware works on site with ANZ, ensuring close collaboration and total transparency across project teams.

Together with ANZ, Outware has designed a flexible delivery model that:

  • Fosters a collaborative environment where Outware and ANZ innovation teams work together effectively and efficiently
  • Delivers process efficiencies
  • Mitigates risks
  • Clearly defines roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Accommodates a program with numerous streams of work


Grow features:

  • Basic Banking – allowing users to check account balances, transaction history and transfer funds
  • Investments – making buying/selling shares secure and easy through integration with ETRADE
  • Superannuation – providing users with the ability to open super accounts and rollover their existing balance


To ensure that the project meets the highest industry standards for quality and security, Outware set up and continue to improve the continuous integration environment in which Grow is developed. This has yielded measurable quality benefits, including:

  • Automated code quality analysis
  • Secure code base that meets Apple’s and industry best-practice standards
  • Unit test code coverage
  • Improved code review process
  • Improved coding standards and conventions

The Grow codebase is also modularised, allowing flexibility and sustainability into the future.


Outware has introduced a number of tools that have increased efficiency within the project, including:

  • Comprehensive test suites that interrogates environments and service calls
  • Endpoint management tool that allows simple configuration of the app
  • Stub services that accelerate development and provides reliable test data for QA
  • Automated functional testing incorporated into the development workflow
  • Simple over-the-air build distribution
  • Test automation tool training

Furthermore, innovations and project efficiencies developed on the project can be leveraged across the wider ANZ technology team.


Outware are proud to continue to support ANZ in the evolution of Grow across a number of work streams, including support, maintenance releases and future product enhancements.