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beta testing

What is beta testing?

Beta Testing is an ad-hoc testing cycle that typically runs for 30 mins. This happens before the final regression testing of the App. In Beta testing, an application is given to users who were not part of the development process in order to collect feedback or bugs found during the session.



The physical space we work in impacts how we feel, how we interact with each other, and how productive we can be. Where we work contributes to how we work. It can act as a barrier to communication or as an aid for good communication.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in a wide range of office environments,


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Authors: Gideon Kowadlo and Lucia Vuong

At Outware, we define Innovation as “change that adds value”, a pithy and meaningful definition we’ve borrowed from Inventium. This is all encompassing. We strive to:

  • improve ourselves
  • improve outcomes for our clients
  • lead the market
  • use our time effectively for amazing results

Our Innovation Program consists of multiple activities that fit within an overall framework.