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The physical space we work in impacts how we feel, how we interact with each other, and how productive we can be. Where we work contributes to how we work. It can act as a barrier to communication or as an aid for good communication.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in a wide range of office environments,


It’s really cool that a fresh graduate like me can, is even encouraged to, contribute to the company’s processes.

Sande Harsa PortraitI’m relaxing in my room, enjoying my Christmas break. My parents are visiting tomorrow. The last time they were here was when I graduated last year. Now here I am, almost celebrating my one year work anniversary at Outware Mobile. Wait a minute, a year? I guess time really flies, especially when you’re enjoying yourself.


Design Hack Night

I am a Visual Designer at Outware of 9 months and I must admit it’s pretty sweet. I have worked on AFL Apple Watch, AFL Live, nib and many other apps (yet to be released). I don’t get mondayitis, we have a super awesome team but the best thing is that I am constantly learning.