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Estimation ambiguity


For Project Managers, estimation is a necessity, whether we like it or not. Often we need to estimate with little or no information, and this ambiguity can make it challenging to estimate accurately. The variability of an estimate is highly correlated to ambiguity. The higher the ambiguity, the higher the variability, and vice versa.


Which project environment would you prefer to work in?

  • Arrive at work, sit down, be pushed to deliver more/faster, complain about the client, go home.
  • Arrive at work, be celebrated/appreciated, collaborate with your team, feel the camaraderie when pushing to deliver more, understand where the client is coming from, have a laugh,


Agile delivery frameworks are a perfect match for a startup or smaller company, with small teams and stakeholder groups able to use the fast feedback loop to effectively overcome challenges.  

However, Agile practises are also being adopted by project teams in large organisations more familiar with traditional, Waterfall style delivery practices. At a team level,