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I started my career as an iOS developer, but after 6 months at Outware, I was given the chance to extend my skill set by exploring the strange but wonderful world of Android development. Jumping on a new platform was initially daunting, but the outcome has been well worth it. After a year of working as a cross-platform developer,



I can remember it like it was yesterday. I had arrived at 3/469 La Trobe street – this was it. This was my first day of work. I walked towards the lifts and waited nervously with plenty of others around me. *ding* the lifts opened. I entered the lifts and reached out to press the button for level three,


It’s really cool that a fresh graduate like me can, is even encouraged to, contribute to the company’s processes.

Sande Harsa PortraitI’m relaxing in my room, enjoying my Christmas break. My parents are visiting tomorrow. The last time they were here was when I graduated last year. Now here I am, almost celebrating my one year work anniversary at Outware Mobile. Wait a minute, a year? I guess time really flies, especially when you’re enjoying yourself.