Snap Send Solve on Channel 10 News

Snap Send Solve was featured on the Channel 10 News, Channel 7 News and the Herald Sun recently!

Snap Send Solve is about solving problems. We understand that when people see a problem, such as graffiti, hard rubbish, fallen trees, broken playground equipment, water leaks or potholes on the street, they might not know who is responsible for getting it fixed.

By categorising incident types and assigning them to the appropriate service provider based on the user’s location, Snap Send Solve makes reporting issues a quick and simple thing to do. It also gives users the satisfaction of contributing to getting things fixed in their local communities.

The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and is used by over 60,000 people around Australia.

With over 40,000 reports submitted via the app in the past six months, Snap Send Solve helps users report issues to their local councils and service providers in a quick and easy way.

(Updated 29 July)

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Is Apple planning to release a new smart wearable device for our fingers?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s all about social acceptance.

Danny recently commented on the Apple iRing rumours to say that “The question is whether people are comfortable wearing one. But Apple obviously has a lot of stuff in the labs all the time and not all of it sees the light of day.” The full article is available on StartupSmart.

At Outware Mobile, we believe that innovation is all about change that adds value. Apple is one of the best innovators in the world. This is another example of their courage to experiment and find new ways to add value.




We’re really excited to announce that the AFL Live Official App for Apple Watch is now available!

The AFL Live Official App for Apple Watch allows users to quickly and easily check AFL match start times, live scores, match stats and the ladder.

The user experience (UX) approach for the Apple Watch is entirely different to smartphones and tablets. Users appreciate very short engagements that provide context specific information with minimal interaction. This means the app has to be designed with a shallow navigational hierarchy and smart logic to work out what information the user might want at any given moment.

The AFL Live Official App for Apple Watch is designed to be used on the go and at a glance. Users simply have to lift their wrist and swipe to view key features, rather than take their phone out and launch the app, before being able to access the information they want.

Danny Gorog, Director of Outware Mobile says ‘Apple Watch marks the start of the wearable computing revolution, and we’re proud and excited to have developed the only official AFL app for Apple Watch.’

Telstra and Outware Mobile began working together in 2011 on the AFL Live Official App to bring footy fans their favourite sport on smartphones and tablets. Since then, the app has been continuously upgraded and enhanced, making use of the latest technologies to deliver an award winning mobile sports entertainment experience. In 2014, this partnership delivered a revitalised mobile experience for Club Apps as well as the world’s first live sporting app for a wearable device in the AFL Live App for Pebble.

Our objective for these apps has always been to enhance the AFL experience by making it convenient and easy for fans to access their favourite sport wherever and whenever they want. The AFL Live Official App for Apple Watch now extends this great mobile experience to another level of convenience and engagement for fans of the sport.

AFL Live Official App for Apple Watch is now available on the App Store when you download the latest version of the AFL Live Official App for iPhone.